Publication of the book “Genuine Use of Trademarks”

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Eleonore Gaspar

Eléonore GASPAR Partner

Articles and Publications 01.09.18

Publication of the book “Genuine Use of Trademarks”

Genuine Use of Trademarks, AIPPI Law series – Wolters Kluwer Oct. 2018.

This book discusses the definitions of “trademark use”. The use of the trademark can be required to protect it from revocation. Nevertheless, even though action is being taken worldwide to harmonize the laws governing trademark rights, the legal systems may differ. All countries do not always assess in the same way whether or not a trademark is used and do not always attach the same consequence to lack of use of a trademark. Such absence of harmonization is a major challenge for trademark owners who use their trademarks on an international market.

This book on the “real conditions of trademark use” offers an analysis of the rules and of their case law country by country. It will enable trademark portfolio managers (or their lawyers) to get a clear view and know the practical implications and the good practices to adopt to protect their assets in 26 different jurisdictions.

The book was edited by Eléonore Gaspar who also contributed as co-author to the chapters relating to trademark law in France.

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