Emmanuelle Brunelle acts in civil, criminal and commercial matters before all courts and assists clients in regulatory proceedings, in particular before the Autorité des Marchés Financiers.

Emmanuelle also advises French companies and international groups on anti-corruption, due diligence and economic sanctions issues.

She also advises companies in a wide range of sectors, including energy, finance, shipping, automotive and pharmaceuticals.

Admitted to the Paris Bar in 2012, Emmanuelle holds a Master II in Private International Law and a Master II in Sociology of Law from the University of Paris II, Panthéon – Assas.

She is a member of the Club des femmes pénalistes and the APCA (Association des Professionnels du Contentieux des Affaires).

Anne-Laure intervient tant en conseil qu’en contentieux dans le domaine du droit commercial pour des sociétés françaises et étrangères dont l’activité est dédiée au luxe, au transport et à la mobilité.

Plus spécifiquement, elle intervient en droit de la franchise pour des enseignes de renom.

Elle assiste par ailleurs ses clients devant les différentes juridictions commerciales, dans le cadre notamment d’actions en concurrence déloyale ou de ruptures brutales des relations commerciales.

Elle a prêté serment en 2001.

Expert on all aspects of labor law, for advice and individual and collective labor litigation, in labor criminal law, social protection law, internal control or investigation procedures, and for support in the implementation of company projects (restructuring, collective relations, company agreements, etc.).

Expert in Social Due Diligence and Social Compliance.

Grimaud Valat has been a partner at DTMV since February 2022. Prior to this, Grimaud worked for a business law firm based in Lyon.

He specializes in economic, digital and intellectual property laws and advises his clients on contract, audit, compliance, management, data protection and data enhancement related matters.

Grimaud is a member of the International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property (AIPPI) and a member of the Groupe Rhône-Alpes pour la protection de la Propriété Intellectuelle (GRAPI). He lectures on intellectual property law at the Lyon business school (EM LYON) and collaborates with the Human Technology Foundation on the ethical use of data, with a particular focus on data and artificial intelligence.

He has been a member of the Lyon bar since 2014 and holds a Master degree in intellectual property law (Lyon University) and a degree in English law (University Jean Moulin Lyon 3).

Thomas Cuche’s activities are chiefly centered on litigation, particularly in matters of patent law, trademark and design law, and trade secrets.

Thomas has developed well-recognized expertise in complex transnational litigation matters in patent law cases, particularly for clients of the pharmaceutical industry. He also assists his clients with various problems relating to trade secrets and defends their trademark rights before the Offices.

Thomas holds a Postgraduate degree (D.E.S.S.) in Intellectual Property and New Technologies Law from Grenoble University (1996).

He was admitted to the Paris Bar in 2000 and holds a Certificate of Specialization in Intellectual Property awarded by the Paris Bar.

Thomas is an active member of several Intellectual Property associations.

Arnaud Vanbremeersch specializes in mergers and acquisitions (French and cross-borders) and private equity. In addition to these areas of expertise, Arnaud has acquired extensive experience in the fields of new technologies, licensing, subcontracting, joint ventures, and distribution and commercial agreements.

He assists industrial and high-tech companies in negotiating international contracts and in implementing appropriate legal, tax, and corporate structures.

He also has in-depth knowledge of the fields of IT and the Internet, particularly of all data protection issues.

Before focusing on mergers and acquisitions, Arnaud’s specialty was international tax law. He thus has an excellent grasp of the tax issues that arise in the context of mergers and acquisitions or corporate reorganizations.

Arnaud is a graduate of Paris II-Panthéon Assas University (Master’s degree in Business and Tax Law, 1991; Institut de Droit des Affaires,1991; Postgraduate degree (D.E.S.S.) in Business and Tax Law, 1992; Teaching assistant in Corporate Tax Law, 1993). Paris XI-Sceaux University, Postgraduate degree (D.E.S.S.) in International Tax Law, 1992. Arnaud is a member of the Paris Bar.

Before joining DTMV, Arnaud was an M&A partner with the US law firm Jones Day (2003-2010) where he had previously practiced for over 10 years.

From the start of her career, Magali Thorne chose litigation as her primary focus and she has been perfecting her expertise ever since. She also assists clients in the pre-litigation phase.

Magali pleads before the civil, criminal, employment, and arbitral courts in matters of copyrights, commercial, and employment law disputes for the Firm’s French and international corporate clients.

Magali is a graduate of Paris University (D.E.S. in Private Law, 1966) and she received a Civil Law Award from the Faculty of Law. She was admitted to the Paris Bar in 1966, the year she founded the Firm in partnership with Jean-Pierre Duclos.

She was the Vice-President of the Young Lawyers Union.

Thierry Mollet-Viéville advises his clients on all aspects of intellectual property law in a practice focused on complex and international patent and trademark litigation.

Thierry is recognized as one of the best patent lawyers in France, with extensive experience, particularly in the pharmaceutical field.

His clients are mainly from the chemical, pharmaceutical, electronics, automotive equipment, household appliances, luxury, and transportation industries.

Thierry is a graduate of Institut du Droit des Affaires (1969) and he holds a D.E.S. degree in Private Law (Paris University, 1968).

He was admitted to the Paris Bar in 1968 and received a Certificate of Specialization in Intellectual Property.

Thierry is an eminent and highly respected member of several professional associations of which he is a very active member. He particularly acted as President of AIPPI (2008-2010) and of AFPPI (2005, 2006, 2018, and 2019).

Pascal Lefort is a specialist in all areas of intellectual property law. He advises clients and litigates disputes in matters relating to patents, trademarks, designs, and copyrights, as well as unfair competition, advertising, and franchising.

Pascal represents his clients before the French Courts and before the French and European Trademark Offices. He assists them with all the IP aspects of their business activities.

His clients are primarily from the sectors of luxury, fashion, consumer products, advertising, automotive and mechanical equipment, electronics, and various industries.

Pascal received a Postgraduate degree (D.E.A.) in European International Law from Paris II -Panthéon Assas University (1986).

He was admitted to the Paris Bar in 1989 and holds a Certificate of Specialization in Intellectual Property Law and in New Technologies, IT, and Communication Law awarded by the Paris Bar.

With a specialty in intellectual property law, Eléonore Gaspar represents her clients before the French and European Union Courts and before the French and European Union Trademark/Design Offices.

She advises and represents her clients in litigation relating to all the IP aspects of their business, including assistance with contracts and management of their rights.

Eléonore’s clients are particularly from the fields of cinema, entertainment production, e-commerce, apparel and fashion, travel, luxury, aeronautics, and the oil industry.

She has developed particular expertise in subjects spanning across both trademark law and copyright law, and in international copyright issues.

Eléonore is a graduate of the University of Paris II – Panthéon Assas. She was admitted to the Paris Bar in 1997 and holds a Certificate of Specialization in Intellectual Property Law and in New Technologies, IT, and Communication Law awarded by the Paris Bar.

Eléonore is a very active member of several professional associations. She was President of the French Group of AIPPI from 2017 to 2020 and has been the Chair of the Trademarks Committee of AIPPI since 2014.

Eléonore was voted Best Lawyer Media France by Best Lawyers in 2017.